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Feb 2012
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Much like her latest character, Abby Vargas on The L.A. Complex, Cassie is cute and brassy, the ultimate girl next door, with a rough, punky edge. Charming and oft-recognized as Manny Santos from her 10 seasons on cult Canadian series Degrassi: The Next Generation, Cassie makes her return to Canadian television. The Toronto actress, singer, songwriter, is now staring in the hot series The L.A. Complex broadcast on MuchMusic, and The CW in the spring. Big things are in store for this stylish starlet.

A: Congrats on your new series The L.A. Complex! I’ve seen the first season and it is AWESOME! Your character Abby is a struggling Canadian actor in L.A. can you tell me about your real-life experience as an actor? Was it anything as dramatic?

C: My personal experience was actually quite similar, and although our situations were different they were just as dramatic. Or I’m very dramatic.

A: Not unlike your character on the show, you are a singer and an actor. But you also write your own music! Can you tell me a bit about your current musical inspirations?

C: Right now I’m working on my third album and I’m so excited to finish and have everyone hear it! I really love writing music, but my formula is a bit different from the usual “let’s collaborate!” sessions. I write the lyrics and melody with an idea of what the end product should sound like, and then I call up my good old friend Isaac Hasson to bring it to life. I usually have writers block, because I literally can only write about personal experiences… if I release a song about murder, stay away.

A: What are your Top 10 songs on your iPod?

C: Gosh, I’m really not sure… my screen is broken so I kind of just hope I land on something great. I really like this Seattle based band The Head and the Heart, also The Vaccines and The Horrors… I’m a big fan of English boys. And their music.

A: Really LOVE your unique and edge-y sense of style! What are your favourite places to shop?

C: My girlfriend has an amazing store Queen W. called “Jacflash“. She’s got a great eye and usually doesn’t order more than a couple to a size, so nearly no one else will have it!!! I love vintage shops like “Chosen” and “I miss you”, also anything online. I love online shopping.

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