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Joshua • Jul 14, 2015 • Degrassi, Degrassi Castmates, Videos

“It’s kind of hard to find a school with such a unique combo of school shootings and gonorrhea outbreaks.” Come on, you all know what show we’re talking about: Degrassi!

After “decades of drama,” Degrassi is finally coming to an end on TeenNick. No, we’re not crying. A tree branch just fell into our eye. While we were chopping onions and watching The Notebook at the same time.

After 14 seasons, Degrassi’s series finale event kicks off on Monday, July 20, and to help you adequately prepare to say goodbye, we have an exclusive video featuring the cult series’ most iconic, memorable and buzzed about moments. Here’s hoping you aren’t wearing mascara because tears will be fallin’, people! Oh, and we totally got chills when the end of the series was described as “jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring” and “heart-wrenching.”

In addition to the series finale event, which will run a new episode every night for two weeks, some of the series’ former stars, including Lauren Collins, Adamo Ruggiero, Jake Epstein, Stacey Farber and more, reuniting for an epic retrospective that will air on Friday, July 31, called It Goes There: Degrassi’s Most Talked About Moments, it’ll feature cast members and the creators sharing their favorite moments, so stock up on the ketchup fries for your viewing party now, eh!

After 14 seasons, TeenNick decided to drop out of Degrassi Community School. Fortunately, Netflix decided to enroll, announcing that the 15th season, Degrassi: Next Class, will air in 2016. Who knew we’d ever be so excited to stay in school?!

“We are energized and excited to work with Family Channel as we tell stories for the new post-millennial teen cohort known as Generation Z, most of whom weren’t even born when Degrassi returned in 2001.”Linda Schuyler, Degrassi co-creator and executive producer, said in a statement.

Degrassi’s series finale kicks off Monday, July 20 at 9 p.m. on TeenNick.

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