19 July 2017

Back in 2014, Cassie went on MTV’s Wolf Watch which is a series after Teen Wolf where they talk about the episode. I’ve finally gotten around to screen-capping things for the site as I feel like I’ve neglected the gallery. I’ve added full 1080p screencaptures to the gallery. Gallery Links: – Home > Projects > Wolf Watch > 2×07 Screencaptures

29 April 2017

I’ve updated completely all of Cassie’s instagram photos to date. With the update to the instagram grabber I have I have deleted all the old ones so it’s much easier to see which needs to be added. Enjoy! Gallery Links: – Home > Misc > Personal Photos > Instagram Photos

16 September 2016

Gallery Links: – Home > Movie Production > Twist of Fate (2016) > Movie Screencaptures: Blu-Ray

30 October 2015

I now have a way of collecting instagram photos so I will now be able to add Cassie’s latest instagram photos as they are added. Below I’ve added everything on her instagram which consist of 657 photos. GALLERY LINKS: Misc > Personal Photos > Instagram Photos x657

30 October 2015

Since Cassie has been quiet lately I’ve gone through the gallery and found that I haven’t added the latest Cassie appearance in which she attended the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards with her sister Alex. We also have a new layout thanks to the wonderful Ray. I’ve decided to use a photo from a photoshoot that Cassie did earlier in the year. GALLERY LINKS: Public Appearances > 2014 > August

28 July 2015

We’ve finally got high definition screen captures added from Cassie’s latest project titled Zombie Shark. How smoking was Cassie with the gun and the whole “take charge” she did in the SyFy movie. You can now find 1,240 720p screencaptures in the gallery! A perfect getaway for four friends turns into survival when they fight an experimental shark. GALLERY LINKS: Movie Production > Zombie Shark > Movie Screencaptures: Blu-Ray x1.240

17 July 2015

GALLERY LINKS: Public Appearances > 2012 > January 10th: L.A. Complex Cast Members Visit NEW.MUSIC.LIVE x17 added

17 July 2015

GALLERY LINKS: Public Appearances > 2012 > September 24th: Pitch Perfect LA Premiere x13