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Jan 2015
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Cassie Steele is over the gossip and drama (of high school, that is). After portraying the rambunctious, boyfriend-stealing Manny Santos for 10 seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation, the Toronto native is ready to shift gears. Since graduating from Degrassi High, Cassie searched for stardom as Abby on the short-lived LA Complex and went back to college in MTV’s horror/thriller The Dorm. When she’s not spending her time on a

Nov 2013
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Cassie stopped by Shenae’s place and they did a one on one interview. It’s the best thing ever and I really hope she does turn out and go touring around the world. She deserves it and I hope to finally make it to one of her shows. Keep up the great work Cassie!

Jul 2012
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Feb 2012
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Much like her latest character, Abby Vargas on The L.A. Complex, Cassie is cute and brassy, the ultimate girl next door, with a rough, punky edge. Charming and oft-recognized as Manny Santos from her 10 seasons on cult Canadian series Degrassi: The Next Generation, Cassie makes her return to Canadian television. The Toronto actress, singer, songwriter, is now staring in the hot series The L.A. Complex broadcast on MuchMusic, and

Feb 2012
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Cassie Steele is the star of one of the coolest TV shows right now, The LA Complex. And with that level of cool comes a level of swag. Not everyone is so confident in their favourite ice cream choice, right? I mean is mine mint chocolate chip? Strawberry? Cookies ‘n cream? I can’t decide! Anyways, find out what Cassie’s fave is and a whole bunch of other interesting facts about