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Jul 23, 16   Joshua   0 Comment Cassie, Exclusives, Music Career

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I put anything out there. A lot was going on in my personal life, specifically with people I worked with on the music side. A lot of toxicity needed to be purged. I lost a lot time, and a lot of things I had worked for. I am […]

Oct 22, 14   Joshua   0 Comment Music Career, Power- Single, The Dorm

According to Cassie this song will be featured in the dorm. Please go and like the song if you have Spotify and don’t forget to download the single on ITunes by going here. I know I’m buying my copy!

Oct 07, 14   Joshua   0 Comment Dreams, Music Career, Patterns, Videos

Cassie would like for you to know that her next single from the EP Patterns is the song Dreams. She went ahead and uploaded the lyric video of the song! So get to learning the lyrics. As of right now there is no release date for the single for the music video.

Sep 07, 14   Joshua   0 Comment Exclusives, Games, Music Career, Music Videos, Patterns, Videos

Even though Cassie’s premiere the video on MTV on Friday I knew she would get to adding it on YouTube. I’ve went through and found some more photos to be added to the gallery. I hope to have the site fully launch on cassie-steele.org in the next couple of months. I’m not gonna set a […]

Jul 29, 14   Joshua   0 Comment Exclusives, Music Career, Site Updates

Cassie Steele has been hard at work working on her upcoming album and with the release of Mad there surely is room for a new single? She is releasing the song titled Patterns which will be release on Spotify and will be released on ITunes for download on August 12th. Can’t wait to hear the […]

Apr 01, 14   Joshua   0 Comment Exclusives, Music Career, Videos

It’s finally here. Cassie’s new single Mad is finally here. Please go and support the single and download it here and let us know what you think of the song below! Don’t forget to tweet us at @cassiefansorg I will soon be having those sent to my phone so I can keep up with anyone […]

Apr 17, 12   Joshua   0 Comment Exclusives, Music Career

Cassie let us listen to her new song “Shape-shifter” Let us know what you think!