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I have decided it was time for a new layout as there is not much going on with Ms. Cassie right now. She is currently having a road trip with her sister Alex and her current boyfriend Jarret Campbell to what seems to be my home state Florida. She is still very much at work on her upcoming album with Kara Lanely and their debut cd for Karamel. You can currently purchase their latest hit maker Moves on itunes.

Merry Christmas Cassie

The staff here at Cassie Steele fan would like to wish Cassie Steele + you a very Merry Christmas. This year has been an amazing year for Cassie and we know there is more in store for 2011. Leave your holiday comments below.

Also the studio version of Gain has hit Itunes. Soon you’ll be able to stream it. Make sure to go and buy it!

Happy 21st Birthday Cassie!

Our girl Cassie Steele turns 21 today. We have seen her grown up from the tender age of 12 on Degrassi:The Next Generation in which she plays Manny Stantos. Now with Manny out and Cassie is focusing on her music and her new band Karamel. She is finally legal in the states and is on her way to super stardom. With her band touring around the world soon, Cassie Steele will be a household name. We take this time to wish our girl a Happy Birthday. Also you can listen to an unreleased song titled Cafe De Cruel which sadly didn’t make the cut on her latest album Destructo Doll.

Exclusive: I Want You Studio Version

Here is the exclusive mp3 studio version of Cassie Steele’s I Want You. A lot of you might have remember when she did an acapella version she did exclusively for Drink That Glitter. I’m sure everyone will like this hip version. I can’t wait to hear more tunes from Miss. Cassie Steele. Shout out in the comment area what you think!

Suckerpunch and Live Show

Karamel will be singing live in Toronto an afternoon show at The Mod Club on November 28th. So far there is no news of Karamel entering the states. According to Karamel’s agent they will soon be announcing a tour date for the states. Stay here for more information on the tour dates.

KaraMelicious Pants-Off Party!

Rainbows and sprinkles are other image-formulating key words that come to mind when watching this new video for Underwear by Toronto duo KaraMel aka Kara and Cassie.

Simply their name and these bubble-gummy-theme visuals are enough to give anyone a cavity, but do you really mind when the precursor is oh-so-tasty? Top that off with sequined panties and you’re sure to be just fine… with a cherry on top!

Underwear’s sound reminds me of a spontaneous after school California beach top-down road trip for a feel-good tween movie soundtrack. It all seems so innocent when you slap on a giant pink bow and catchy-as-fuck melody, but the target demographic is probably not Barbie-aged children as I’m pretty sure they’re talking about potential sexual activity. Basically, I’m fiending to strip midway through this tune, douse myself with body glitter, and dance in front of my mirror, twirling chewed bubble gum and wondering where to find vodka of the same flavouring.

This video was directed by Aaron A, who’s worked with Nelly Furtado and Down With Webster on their visual creations, so naturally, you can catch KaraMel all over MuchMusic – Canada’s land of musical discovery. P.S. KaraMel happen to be the only unsigned band whose video is enjoying the Much television party circuit. This is most definitely thanks in part to the dedicated legion of fans affectionately known as KaraMel Kids.

KaraMel are a deliciously delightful confection, wrapped in shiny spandex and cocktail-hour-in-Candyland dresses.

“Pop music isn’t pleasure music… it is pleasure. Just admit you like to touch yourself and that you like pop music.”

Stay tuned for a video interview, coming soon to a blog near you!

Now, go enjoy a lolli soaked in champagne and strawberry kisses.

New Single! Officer!

KaraMel just posted a Youtube link to their new song Officer and we have it in Mp3 format for you guys to stream galore! So sit back and let us know what you think of this amazing funky tune! I for sure love it!

Also Cassie’s back in the studio and this time to record Grain! You know, the song she wrote with Mike Lobel (Jay Hogart from Degrassi) She said that we could expect Grain and I Want You on ITunes at around Nov/Dec this year!

KaraMel- Underwear Video Premier

it’s here! We have the HD version of the video. Hope you enjoy and leave us a comment on what you think! When the gallery reopens I will have the music video capped in 1920×1080

EXCLUSIVES: Cassie Steele Remix

Crash My Party (Ralph Sall Remix)

Life Is a Show (Ralph Sall Remix)

Hello world!

Welcome to the all new Cassie Steele Fan. We hope to be your number 1 source. After numerous weeks down to revamp I have brought the site back with a new layout and our official twitter. Cassie has continue to inspire us all and now that she has joined the band of Karamel and is quickly snaking her way to the states- her name Cassandra Rae Steele should make a house hold name. Get ready for a whole new Cassie Steele fan and also look out for a new and completed gallery!

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