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Oct 2014
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According to Cassie this song will be featured in the dorm. Please go and like the song if you have Spotify and don’t forget to download the single on ITunes by going here. I know I’m buying my copy!

Oct 2014
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The Dorm is set to make its debut on Sunday, October 26th as part of MTV’s Halloween-themed programming. Today, we have a look at the trailer for the supernatural thriller which was directed by Rachel Talalay (Freddy’s Dead, Tank Girl) and scripted by Halloween: Resurrection‘s Sean Hood.

The film follows a student, Vivian (Alexis Knapp) who begins college as a shy, self-consciousness freshman but who, after becoming a dorm mate of the popular Sarah (Cassie Steele), begins a complete transformation.

Jake Croker, Max Lloyd-Jones and Laci J. Mailey co-star.

Shooting took place at the start of this year in Canada. Nomadic Pictures shepherded the project; the company is also behind Fargo and Hell on Wheels.

Oct 2014
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Cassie would like for you to know that her next single from the EP Patterns is the song Dreams. She went ahead and uploaded the lyric video of the song! So get to learning the lyrics. As of right now there is no release date for the single for the music video.

Oct 2014
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“In these halls, evil lives.”

Break out your planners, scary movies lovers, and make sure Sunday, Oct. 26 is free. Why? Because that’s when The Dorm, MTV’s new original horror movie, premieres and we’re already predicting it will be your next scary guilty pleasure.

E! News is exclusively debuting the trailer for the new fright-fest, which stars Pitch Perfect’s Alexis Knapp, Degrassi’s Cassie Steele and Teen Wolf’s Max Lloyd Jones.

The lesson we learned from the epic promo? Being pretty could kill you.

The Dorm stars Knapp as Vivian, an awkward college freshman who undergoes a classic teen movie beauty transformation, thanks to her new dorm mates, including queen bee Sarah (Steele). But when Vivian begins questioning her friends’ motives, and seeing visions of her new beau’s (Jones) dead ex-girlfriend who happened to live in her room, she uncovers an unimaginable evil in Usher hall. (OK, how awesome is that dorm hall’s name?!)

Leading up the The Dorm premiere, MTV is airing a horror movie every Friday night, including Final Destination 3 and Freddy vs. Jason. May we suggest a Friday Night Frights viewing party with your friends?

The Dorm premieres Sunday, Oct. 26 at 8 p.m. on MTV.

Sep 2014
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I’ve been fighting to figure out how to make the post go to Facebook and I have now done that. So now you guys can follow us on facebook below and you’ll be alert in your news feed on when the site is updated! I’m so happy for this to new chapter!

Sep 2014
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Even though Cassie’s premiere the video on MTV on Friday I knew she would get to adding it on YouTube. I’ve went through and found some more photos to be added to the gallery. I hope to have the site fully launch on in the next couple of months. I’m not gonna set a certain date but I’m aiming before December. I am just trying to make the site the best Cassie resource out there and going through a lot of it as quickly as possible. Tell us what you think in the comments about the new site/gallery and the music video. Do you like?

Sep 2014
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We now have a new wordpress theme thanks to Kaci. I’ve been wanting to do put up a new layout for quiet some time now since I got tired of looking at the old one. When the site launches fully on the new domain I will decide if I want to continue with this look or change it up just a tad. I hope you guys love it and it’s been confirmed that Cassie’s new music video Games will premiere this Friday. I highly recommend you guys check out Kaci if you’re in any need of layout themes for your fansite needs.

Aug 2014
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Get ready to know the words cause next Monday (September 1st, 2014) she will be premiering the music video for the song Games. I will also have screen captures of the lyric video of Games and Mad and the actual music videos along with numerous interviews I’ve posted when the site is fully launched. I can’t wait to launch it in the next couple of months! I still have a lot to screen capture!