Month: October 2010

KaraMelicious Pants-Off Party!

Rainbows and sprinkles are other image-formulating key words that come to mind when watching this new video for Underwear by Toronto duo KaraMel aka Kara and Cassie.

Simply their name and these bubble-gummy-theme visuals are enough to give anyone a cavity, but do you really mind when the precursor is oh-so-tasty? Top that off with sequined panties and you’re sure to be just fine… with a cherry on top!

Underwear’s sound reminds me of a spontaneous after school California beach top-down road trip for a feel-good tween movie soundtrack. It all seems so innocent when you slap on a giant pink bow and catchy-as-fuck melody, but the target demographic is probably not Barbie-aged children as I’m pretty sure they’re talking about potential sexual activity. Basically, I’m fiending to strip midway through this tune, douse myself with body glitter, and dance in front of my mirror, twirling chewed bubble gum and wondering where to find vodka of the same flavouring.

This video was directed by Aaron A, who’s worked with Nelly Furtado and Down With Webster on their visual creations, so naturally, you can catch KaraMel all over MuchMusic – Canada’s land of musical discovery. P.S. KaraMel happen to be the only unsigned band whose video is enjoying the Much television party circuit. This is most definitely thanks in part to the dedicated legion of fans affectionately known as KaraMel Kids.

KaraMel are a deliciously delightful confection, wrapped in shiny spandex and cocktail-hour-in-Candyland dresses.

“Pop music isn’t pleasure music… it is pleasure. Just admit you like to touch yourself and that you like pop music.”

Stay tuned for a video interview, coming soon to a blog near you!

Now, go enjoy a lolli soaked in champagne and strawberry kisses.

New Single! Officer!

KaraMel just posted a Youtube link to their new song Officer and we have it in Mp3 format for you guys to stream galore! So sit back and let us know what you think of this amazing funky tune! I for sure love it!

Also Cassie’s back in the studio and this time to record Grain! You know, the song she wrote with Mike Lobel (Jay Hogart from Degrassi) She said that we could expect Grain and I Want You on ITunes at around Nov/Dec this year!