Month: December 2010

Merry Christmas Cassie

The staff here at Cassie Steele fan would like to wish Cassie Steele + you a very Merry Christmas. This year has been an amazing year for Cassie and we know there is more in store for 2011. Leave your holiday comments below.

Also the studio version of Gain has hit Itunes. Soon you’ll be able to stream it. Make sure to go and buy it!

Happy 21st Birthday Cassie!

Our girl Cassie Steele turns 21 today. We have seen her grown up from the tender age of 12 on Degrassi:The Next Generation in which she plays Manny Stantos. Now with Manny out and Cassie is focusing on her music and her new band Karamel. She is finally legal in the states and is on her way to super stardom. With her band touring around the world soon, Cassie Steele will be a household name. We take this time to wish our girl a Happy Birthday. Also you can listen to an unreleased song titled Cafe De Cruel which sadly didn’t make the cut on her latest album Destructo Doll.