Month: April 2012

Cassie Steele Clevver TV Interview

Watch it. She gives some insight on her the L.A. Complex. She talks about her music, and Abby. Let us know what you think!

Cassie Steele- Shapeshifter

Cassie let us listen to her new song “Shape-shifter” Let us know what you think!


So get off your butts and download/buy her new single! We will have it to stream once it has been downloaded for at least 2-3 days.

Cassie Returning to Degrassi?

Plus, Cassie talks about watching younger sister Alex make her ‘Degrassi’ debut: ‘She lights up the screen.’

When Canadian drama The L.A. Complex premieres on The CW, Cassie Steele will have stateside viewers in a permanent state of jaw-on-floor. But while she’s excited for fans to get a taste of what’s next (and believe me, I’ll be gushing over the new drama closer to its April 24 debut) you’ll also be glad to know she’s sticking close to her Degrassi roots. “With the right story line, I’d definitely like to [return],” she tells “And there have been talks!”

Cassie’s fellow Degrassi grad Lauren Collins recently reprised her role as mean-girl Paige Michalchuk in a webisode, and Cassie says she’s open to doing the same with the iconic Manny Santos.

“It’s really just finding the opportunity for it,” she explains. “I’m not on the show anymore, so it’s not about us anymore, and we really need to capitalize on the new characters — the budding careers these young actors have. It has to suit their story line. So if I have the chance, I’d love to. It’s a really big part of my life, and it’s so great to see these young adults working and being amazing at what they’re doing.”

One of those young adults, of course, is Cassie’s younger sister Alex Steele, who joined Degrassi this year as Tori Santamaria — a boy-stealing, bow-wearing freshman — and Cassie couldn’t be more proud.

“I love watching her,” Cassie says. “I think she lights up the screen; she really worked hard to get that part, and it shows. … She’s a quick learner, she’s professional, she’s fun — she’s just a really sweet girl.”

Alex stopped by our NYC offices back in February — I attached the video interview below — and I can definitely vouch for that sweetness. So don’t be fooled by her cat-fighting Degrassi persona; Cassie assures me that “all the Steeles” have a little cat-fight spirit in them.