Month: December 2012

Happy 23rd Birthday Cassie Rae!

Happy 23rd Birthday to the most amazing girl on the planet. She has shown us so much of her talent from most recent The L.A. Complex to her new e.p that became available in April with the songs Shapeshifter, I Want You, Try Baby.  She has shown previous talent from her stint on Degrassi and even staring in other movies/tv shows such as Instant Stars, My Babysitter’s a Vampire, The Best Years, Full Court Miracle,Doc and Super Sweet 16: The Movie. She will hopefully have new music out next year and hopefully more TV/Movies roles in 2013! Let’s make her 23rd birthday a memorable one so leave comments for Cassie and she might just see them! I am not promising anything though!  Also I previous tweeted earlier in the day before I went to work that if you didn’t wish her a happy birthday that you consider yourself non-existing. The above banner was made by Adam over at Degrassi Junkie and am reusing it from last year. I don’t have any programs on my new laptop yet so therefore I can’t make a graphic.